Hair Removal at The Juli Anne Health & Beauty Retreat

Men will benefit from many of the treatments available at The Juli Anne Health & Beauty Retreat and these are highlighted by ♂


Full Leg Wax incl. Bikini

Price: £27.00

¾ Leg Wax

Price: £18.00

Half Leg Wax

Price: £14.00

Bikini Wax

Price: From £8.00

Brazilian Wax

Price: From £17.00

Hollywood Wax

Price: From £22.00

Under Arm Wax

Price: From £7.50

Forearm Wax

Price: From £10.00

Eyebrow Wax ♂

Price: From £6.00

Upper Lip Wax

Price: From £5.00

Chin Wax

Price: From £5.00

Back & Shoulders ♂

Price: From £25.00

Chest ♂

Price: From £25.00


For hair-free, smooth skin Guinot has the answer with its Revolutionary Hair Removal system. Stick'Hair can treat more delicate areas in a sensitive way.

Every client who has tried Guinot Stick'Hair at The Juli Anne has preferred it compared to warm wax and have requested it again.


Price: From £12.50


Price: £22.00


Price: £28.00


Price: £12.00


Price: £8.50


Price: £8.50

To reduce hair growth we apply Guinot Epil Confort after body waxing. This serum acts in depth to curb hair re-growth and soothes and reduces redness and irration. Application of Epil Confort is included in the price.


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